How Toss-It Determines Price for Your Dumpster Rental

If you’re doing a small renovation on one room of your home, you might be able to handle everything yourself. But for big projects or major construction or demolition tasks, you’ll need more than your everyday trash can! Toss-It makes it easy and affordable to schedule your dumpster rental, allowing you to get moving with your latest project. We provide custom quotes to each client, but how do we come up with your rate? We’re here to explain.



First, we take a look at the size of the dumpster you’re requesting. For smaller projects, such as decluttering a couple of rooms in your home, a 10-yard dumpster will work well. Bigger projects may require a 20- or 30-yard dumpster. As you can guess, bigger dumpsters will result in bigger price tags. 



Toss-It is proud to serve customers throughout the Baltimore and Washington, DC, area. That being said, part of our quote process is determining how far we’ll need to travel to deliver your dumpster. We are based in Burnie, Maryland, and are happy to give you a quote based on your distance from us. In general, we deliver within a 100-mile radius of the Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI), but rental is at our discretion.


Rental Length

Typically, our dumpster rentals are available for a two-week period. We find that most clients are able to complete the bulk of their projects within these 14 days and often don’t need to extend their rental period. However, if you do need to keep your dumpster for longer than two weeks, we do allow you to do so. You’ll encounter an additional $40 charge for each extra week that you choose to keep your dumpster. 


Type of Material

Finally, we’ll consider what kinds of items you’ll be throwing away in order to determine your price. Typical household items (think of things you could normally toss in your own trash can) won’t incur any extra fees. If you’re using a Toss-It dumpster to get rid of large items like mattresses, box springs, or tires, you may encounter an additional fee. If you’re not sure what you can or can’t dispose of, check out our FAQ section or contact our staff. 



It’s worth noting that, for returning customers, discount opportunities are available! If you’re a contractor or demolition team in need of dumpster rentals on a regular basis, consider becoming a Toss-It subscriber. It’s completely free to join, and you will have access to exclusive savings that aren’t available to our regular customers. 


Working with Toss-It

Once we’ve gotten all of the above information from you, we can deliver a fair and affordable quote to help you move forward with confidence. Simply schedule your dumpster delivery and let us do the hard work of getting your dumpster to you! Toss your trash and call us when you’re done. We’ll take care of the rest. 


To learn more about Toss-It and to get your free quote, contact our team today!