Client Spotlight: GJM Enterprises LLC

"Tight alley ways? No problem. Toss•It gets it done for me!" - Greg Mitas

Client: GJM Enterprises LLC



What does your company do?

We fix and flip, flip and rent.

How long have you been working with Toss•It?

We have been working with Toss•It for about a year.

How does your company and Toss•It work together?

Toss•It supplies me with dumpsters. In some cases, they have also assisted with getting clean out crews to properties on much larger clean outs.

How has Toss•It benefited your business?

Toss•It has been a blessing by delivering dumpsters when they say they are going, to swapping them out when we need, and most importantly removing them up as soon as we need them gone.

Why did you decide to work with Toss•It?

The question is why wouldn’t you work with Toss•It? They have proven time and time again. They are reliable, friendly, professional, and most importantly easy to work with.

What makes Toss•It different from other dumpster services that you have worked with in the past?

Perfect example: Most recently I bought a property in the city last week. I’d say the clean out is medium. Due to attention with dumpster and timing with my crew working at other projects, I hired another outfit with a dump truck and a crew for clean out. I knew they wouldn’t get it all in one load and that was fine, we would’ve took 2 of our in-house trailer loads out to finish up the bigger stuff. They showed up yesterday 2 hours late. I have to add while my main project manager was there waiting for them to guide them on what to take. He told them to grab all the smaller items and leave the furniture behind (we would handle that) they said all they wanted to do was grab the big stuff and said they had to charge more to reschedule if we wanted all the smaller things gone (granted I hired a crew and a truck for a clean out). I told them don’t worry about it. I made ONE text to Toss•It and a dumpster is being dropped off today. Knowing I work with businesses like this help me run my business efficiently.