What Items Require Special Attention?

Toss-It aims to be your ultimate resource for all things junk. Whether you’re cleaning out your home, renovating a room or two, or working on a huge construction project, we make it easy to get rid of your junk thanks to our convenient dumpster rental services. Toss-It is able to accept many items, but there are some things that may need a bit of extra attention. Before you simply go tossing everything into your dumpster, read this guide to make sure there are no extra steps you need to take.


Concrete and Dirt

Many of our customers are involved with construction and demolition, which means we see quite a bit of concrete and dirt. We’re more than happy to dispose of these items that can get in the way of your project! Luckily, there’s not a ton of effort involved with concrete and dirt. All we ask is that you load these things separately from the normal trash you may also be getting rid of. 


Landscaping Materials

Whether you’re flipping a home or wanting to improve your current space, you might be considering cutting down a tree or digging up a bush. It can often be hard to properly dispose of these larger natural items, but Toss-It can help! Yard waste like branches, trees, and other landscaping materials can easily be disposed of with Toss-It. Just like with concrete and dirt, we ask that you dispose of yard waste separately from your normal trash. This process allows us to be more cost-effective in our disposal process, giving us savings that we can then pass on to you!


Large Items

There are some large items that simply won’t fit in your normal trash. If you’re looking to get rid of furniture pieces like mattresses and box springs, Toss-It can happily take them off of your hands. We’re also happy to get rid of your old tires, which is great for all our car enthusiasts out there! But as you can probably imagine, it takes more energy and work to get rid of the bigger, heavier items. As such, you may find that additional handling fees apply when you toss these large pieces.

Working with Toss-It

Toss-It is proud to be your premier resource for dumpster services in and around the Baltimore area. It’s never been simpler to get a dumpster for your next renovation or construction project! Simply choose a time and date to reserve your dumpster and choose from one of three size options. We can often deliver your dumpster on the very same day! Our standard rentals let you keep your dumpster for two weeks, giving you plenty of time to finish your project. Those who need dumpsters on a regular basis, like contractors or landscapers, can get huge savings by becoming a Toss-It subscriber!

We aim to make it quick, easy, and affordable to get the dumpster you need and move forward with your next big project. Contact the Toss-It team today for your free quote!