Project of the Month: 1271 Rock Hill Rd

Client: Unlimited Contracting Services LLC


Job Type: Residential Contractor House Flip


TOSS-IT provided 25 30 yard dumpsters to remove trash from a severely cluttered home. Trash was all throughout the house and yard with what seemed to be an insurmountable project. We provided consistent dumpster delivery and trash disposal so this job could be completed within a 90 day period. With no lapse in service the trash was disposed of efficiently and the property was clear in a matter of weeks. In addition to trash removal, we also provided the customer with a concrete pad in the converted garage, consisting of a six inch stone base and six inch concrete floor. We were able to pour, form, and finish this in one day, allowing the house to hit the market as fast as possible. With a little bit of grading to top it off TOSS-IT was able to service several different needs to be as useful as possible to our customer. This is the TOSS-IT guarantee, to go above and beyond our clients needs for complete satisfaction.